Monday, December 12, 2005


Another Day...

If you haven't seen cannot call yourself a southerner. Go to and prepare to laugh it up. Even a back-water hill jack like me found this just too good not to share. Overall, I have come to notice that war and holiday parties do not mix. Nothing better than sharing time with fellow troops, laughing it up and then hearing an explosion...followed by Santa ripping his gut off and getting armored up. I laugh at it now, was quite funny seeing the Christmas elf handing Santa a armored vest. If adding a caption, I would have the elf say, "Alright Santa, Compton isn't the place it used to be...better safe than sorry. You are sporting gang colors." This is my entertainment ladies and gentlemen. Untill next time, be safe and be free.

That's like something you would see in MASH. Santa trades in the reigndeer for the armored tank. It's funny in a rather morbid way.
I agree. In a morbid way I found the image funny. Glad to read another post Dekan.
We want more posts!!!! :D We realize you are busy, but a word would be nice. :)
Hellllloooooo out there.
He's prolly been really busy...but this lets him know we are thinking about him.
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