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Good day. I'm DekanX and this is my first blog. I got an invite from a close friend of mine to post and begin a blog of events. I have a lot of hobbies...but not much time or space to enjoy them. But, just let me know what you want to hear about and I'll post what I can within reason. Enjoy the lounge.

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Don't waste words, do ya? So, tell me about yourself. What's your favorite candy? Card game? Color? G-rated Past time? Do you like chocolate? Writing? Coloring? Drawing? Dangit, tell me what makes Dekan tick!!!!!
hmmm...wanting to know what makes Dekan tick....methinks I will have to tell your husband on you *shakes finger at Myjic* you naughty girl you!!
*evil grin* What can one say?? I'm just that way..... *thinks* On the other hand....*goes off thinking to herself*
"G-rated Past time?"
hmmm, I think I would rather know about the naughtier stuff....
Very well. Myjic, you answers in order: Tootsie Rolls, Magic: the Gathering, Green, Powerbombing dogs, Yes, No (my spelling is horrid), Yes, and Definitely Yes. Hopefully that cleared up a few things. Thanks for the post.
What...none of the naughtier past times you enjoy? C'mon, I wanna hear about those :)
Well, I don't want to hear about those.

And yes, that clears things up....well as good as they get I reckon.
You may ot want to hear about them Myjic, but I am sure soem of us do....besides weren't you the one who said you wanted to know what made Dekan tick???
Tick yes....details...no freakin' way!!
awwww, c'mon, details are the fun part of it all....I *like* details :D
*Shivers and pulls a face* EEWWWWWWWWWW
We want more posts!!! where's the posts you promised us????
Yeah, I was wandering that. This has to be the most comments ever on one post.
true, true. well, let's see if we can get more posts. we can request things we want him to tell us about...so tell us about what you do when you're not fighting the war, which we all appreciate you doing.
Yes, we all do appreciate you, and all the other men and women, are doing.
Maybe we should ask him to tell us all the Arkansas jokes he's heard since he claims to have heard them all....
Good idea....
So what about it Dekan...gonna give us a list of Arkansas jokes? Or maybe something more intresting?? like maybe a copy of the Dekan's guide to the Kama Sutra?? How about Myjic? Interested?
Excuse me while I puke...
LMAO!!!!!! gotcha!
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